Start Value Pack

Our best pack! Get amazing results, shred and tone your body with these incredible products!

1 x Plant Base - Vanilla 
1 x Plant Base - Chocolate 
1 x Amazon Superfruit Kiiks 
1 x Green Power Kiiks 
1 x P3 Probiotic Kiiks 
1 x Shaker Bottle

Get everything you need to maximize your results! The Start pack includes:
Nutrient Rich Shakes- healthy calorie macro nutrients to keep you full and curb hunger.
P3 Probiotics - designed with a unique blend of three powerful strains to promote a healthy microbiome
Green Power – 60-1 gives your cells micro nutrients to maximize your weight loss results
Amazon Superfruits – Healthy inflammatory response – 12 hour stim free energy
Daily Routine
1 shake + 4 kiiks per day