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VIIVA Reaches $66 Million In Sales In First Year

International social selling company, VIIVA, has amassed $66 million in sales in only its first year. VIIVA, which is headquartered in Lehi, Utah, first launched in the United States in October of 2019 and has grown quickly ever since.

VIIVA President of Sales and Marketing, Craig Johanson, stated,

“To reach $66 million in sales in our first year is extraordinary! Few companies achieve that level of success so early on. It’s a great tribute to our Brand Partners and corporate executives working closely together to deliver on a sales strategy that delivers results.”

Additionally, Viiva has introduced five new products in just five months, with an emphasis in anti-aging. VIIVA’s COO Devin Glazier said,

“We have been aggressive in expanding our product offering during Q2 and Q3 to attract additional customers and Brand Partners. That strategy has worked.”

VIIVA’s newly announced Global CEO Percy Chin, whose experience includes executive positions at Heinz, Amway, Budweiser, and Herbalife, elaborated on what has created VIIVA’s success saying,

“VIIVA has not only found a way to maintain sales throughout this pandemic, but we have adapted to the new climate of business have have grown every month this year.”

With a global vision in mind, VIIVA has quickly expanded throughout this first year, opening up international offices in the United States, China, Mexico, Colombia, Taiwan, and Bolivia.

The company will officially launch in Mexico, Colombia, and Bolivia later this month.


Founded in 2019, VIIVA is a social marketing company with products to help you wake up and live your best day. These products are backed by science and deliver on growing and changing consumer needs.

The company’s products, including its latest innovations NMN Premium and BioDerma Actives, are sold through its independent salesforce who utilize e-commerce, social media enabled platforms so their customers can enjoy VIIVA’s high-quality products in a personal, convenient, and accessible way.

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 Former executive with Herbalife, Amway, Coca-Cola, and Warner Brothers leads aggressive international expansion and consumer acquisition plan at VIIVA

LEHI, UT – OCTOBER 5, 2020 – International social selling company, VIIVA, has announced the appointment of Percy Chin as the company’s new CEO. Chin brings more than 40 years of financial and business development expertise with worldwide brands that include Warner Brothers, Coca-Cola, Amway, and Herbalife. The direct selling and consumer products veteran joins a seasoned management team that has expanded the VIIVA brand to more than eight countries in the past year.

“We are honored to have Percy join the Viiva team. We are confident in his ability to lead our company in achieving our vision of global expansion and to positively impact the health of individuals around the world” said Devin Glazier, Chief Operating Officer. “His vast experience working for different types of global companies has resulted in a rich knowledge base and a reputation for being a go-to marketing, sales, financial, and strategic business advisor,” added Joe Zhou, VIIVA’s Founder and Chairman.

Chin’s international business experience spans large and influential companies in Southeast Asia, the United States, and Canada. He began his career in finance at Deloitte, eventually leading him to become a financial controller for Coca-Cola. Chin went on to hold senior executive positions, such as CEO, Regional CEO, Vice President, and Country General Manager at major companies, including Heinz, Amway, Revlon, Budweiser, and Herbalife. He was also President of the Greater China Region for Warner Brothers. Chin has a deep understanding of the direct-to-consumer channel having served as the Global CEO for Tiens Group and helping establish Herbalife and Amway’s Greater China Region and India markets as a Global Senior Vice President.

VIIVA Continues its International Expansion

Since its founding in the U.S. in 2019, VIIVA has strategically expanded its global footprint to mainland China, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Hong Kong, Bolivia, and Taiwan with plans to grow its business in additional countries in the coming months. “With each market opening, our company’s multi-national leadership team has taken a modern, global approach – from providing a globally appealing line of products to investing in a robust technology infrastructure that will support international growth,” said Craig Johanson, President of Sales and Marketing.

“It’s a great honor to be joining the VIIVA team and partner with our brand partners, employees, and leadership in helping people to wake up to a better life,” said new Global CEO, Percy Chin. “VIIVA has all the elements that make up a strong, successful international brand.



Viiva has been announced as one of the top 500 fastest growing direct sales companies in 2020! Business for Home has named Viiva the 33rd fastest growing direct sales company on its list which was released April 3rd, 2020. Viiva scored very high on the list because of its 100% increase in revenue from 2018 to 2019.

VIIVA Co-founder and COO, Steinway Huang, mentioned, “We are looking forward to expanding on this growth and helping Viiva continue to thrive for years to come.” VIIVA has celebrated even more growth in 2020 and Devin Glazier, President of Operations at VIIVA, elaborated, “It has been another record-breaking year for VIIVA and it amazing to see the hard work of our team and Brand Partners recognized and rewarded.”

VIIVA is currently in the process of opening up in several new markets this year and has even more plans to continue expansion in the future.


Viiva was one of the sponsors for Miss Utah 2019. We provided each contestant with a sample pack of our products, consisting of Trim Max, Green Power, and Amazon Superfruits in order to help keep them healthy, energized and focused throughout the week of the competition.

We had the opportunity to interview Dexonna Talbot, who was crowned Miss Utah 2019. She explained how her favorite Viiva product was Trim Max because it tasted good and gave her maximum energy, helped her get through the long days and perform at her A-game.


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