Green Power Kiiks - 30 Packets
60 in 1 Superfoods + Over 2000 Phytonutrients

Regardless of how you feel about vegetables, your body loves them. With Organic Power Greens, you fortify your body with 50 raw, whole greens rich in organic omegas (chia and flax seeds) to support your heart health, prebiotics to nourish helpful bacteria, and digestive enzymes to help break down nutrients more effectively. Through our unique drying process, we maintain the temperature of our raw, organic greens under 106 F at all times. This is crucial to preserving the highest levels of microorganism and enzyme integrity available anywhere. We’ve found the purest way to put the power back in your greens. Organic. Vegan. No soy. No dairy. No artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. No preservatives.