The Most Important Gratitude Habit You Can Start Practicing Today

The Most Important Gratitude Habit You Can Start Practicing Today

November 25, 2020

It’s turkey time!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it’s good to remind ourselves with what’s most important in our lives and what we are thankful for. Our days can get scary hectic sometimes, and it can be easy to forget what we truly appreciate. 

Our families, our work, our pets, you name it. Here’s one of the most talked about gratitude rituals you should start practicing today!

Gratitude Journal.

The beauty of a gratitude journal is that there is no incorrect method of doing it, as long as you’re feeling gratitude for the things you’re jotting down.

That being said, it can be tricky for some of us to begin without a structure. If you can put pen to paper now and blaze with love and happiness, then you’re set! But if you need a little guidance, here’s an easy way to get started:

Start by writing down at least 3 things for which you feel the most gratitude, just make sure that at least one of them is incredibly mundane (such as the warm sunlight peering into your office or living room, or the pleasant breeze, etc.) Also, try expanding on  “why am I grateful about this” in each entry, such as:

  1. My job, because it allows me to pay for this home where my family gathers and my children grow. It gives me safety for myself and my family.
  2. Walking my dog, because he’s a bundle of joy and the most loyal creature in the world that loves me unconditionally. I love to take him out and sniff around nature. Making him happy makes me happy.
  3. A cup of tea (mundane), because I love tasting different types of teas and it’s also a part of my working routine. Simply by having a nice, hot cup of tea as I sit down, I can feel productive.

Why the mundane? 

This way, you don’t rely only on big things to feel thankful for: A promotion, a new house, or a marriage proposal. Instead, you begin to appreciate the little things in life. Things most of us take for granted. 

Now, something as trivial as drinking the cup of coffee you normally chug mindlessly can become a short spiritual experience. A quiet reservoir of gratitude in each sip. We’ll talk about mindfulness and mindful eating/drinking in an upcoming blog post – stay tuned!

The hustle and bustle of your daily life led you to ignore many of the things you already appreciate deeply. As you continue your gratitude journey of writing things down, you’ll have more and more to feel grateful for, and your mind will start to notice new things.

The objective of writing this down is for you to recall things, events, experiences, or people in your life that bring out the best emotions in you. And as a result, your brain will start to seek out the best in the future. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of positive vibes! 

The Benefits of Gratitude

Research shows that gratitude improves our mental health, its effects are long-lasting, and can physically affect your brain in the best way. 

It helps improve:

  • Personal relationships
  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Overall happiness and sense of well-being
  • Sleep quality
  • Self-esteem

And the list goes on and on! 

Let’s get started.

Today, I am grateful for: