Get to know VIIVA’s Products

Get to know VIIVA’s Products

March 30, 2021

VIIVA focuses on creating health and wellness products that improve and transform lives. Our goal is to help people around the world feel their best!

To do this, VIIVA has developed four specific product collections each targeted at different aspects of health and wellness. They are:

  • The Breakfast Collection
  • Targeted Nutritionals
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Care

All of VIIVA's amazing products fall into one of these four categories. This makes it easy to choose which products will align most with your own personal health goals!

Let's dive deeper into each product collection and learn which products are included in that collection.


The Breakfast Collection is focused around VIIVA’s Organic Plant Base, a vegan-friendly protein powder. This powder can be mixed with your preferred milk to make a delicious protein shake or can be customized by adding in additional VIIVA breakfast products, which we call “kiiks”. Each kiik targets specific health benefits so you can build a breakfast around what your body needs most.

VIIVA's breakfast takes away the stress of rushing to make a healthy breakfast every morning. Simply pour your chosen breakfast products into a bottle and shake up a delicious and nutritionally balanced breakfast.

What products are included in the Breakfast Collection?

Organic Plant Base - Vanilla/Chocolate VIIVA’s plant-protein powder offers a healthy blend of organic ingredients that help trim fat, keep you full throughout the day, and boost your metabolism.

Organic Green Power - kiik Green Power is uniquely crafted to provide a diverse blend of bio-optimized superfoods that will help improve your digestion, support cell health, and boost overall longevity.

Amazon Superfruits - kiik Amazon Superfruits features a potent blend of bio-optimized antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that will energize your mind and body in the way nature intended — stimulant free!

Trim Max - kiik Trim Max is ideal for a boost of energy on-the-go. It helps control appetite, burn fat, and provide sustained energy.

p3 Probiotics - kiik p3 Probiotics is created from a proprietary blend of three probiotic strains. It is clinically proven to improve microbiome health, support total digestive balance, maximize nutrient absorption, and stop bloating.


VIIVA’s Targeted Nutritionals line of products contains a variety of supplements for improving wellness. With benefits ranging from boosting the immune system to supporting skin and hair health, our Targeted Nutritionals products can help you feel your best and achieve your health goals.

What products are included in the Targeted Nutritionals Collection?

NutriBeauty+ NutriBeauty+ is made with potent ingredients to help improve your skin, bones, joints, hair, nails, and more.

NutriSmart+ NutriSmart+ offers scientifically backed ingredients that can help fight off distractions, enhance memory, and strengthen the immune system. Ideal for the young student.

RRefresh/RRelax RRefresh/RRelax is a 2-in-1 bottle set designed to empower your health and longevity on a cellular level.


The Anti-Aging line is a growing collection of products designed to fight aging. Each product contains rare ingredients designed to help reduce signs of aging and promote youthfulness. From supplements you take by mouth to creams applied directly to the skin, VIIVA’s Anti-Aging line contains a variety of unique and effective products.

What products are included in the Anti-Aging Collection?

NMN Premium NMN Premium allows you to age with grace, improve memory, and achieve youthful-looking hair and skin.

BioDerma Actives BioDerma Actives is a Somatropin transdermal cream that can help you flush away belly fat, smooth out wrinkles, gain lean muscle, and bring back the youthful bounce from your younger years.

VRevive VIIVA’s VRevive Antioxidant Gel is a nutrient-rich drink whose nutritional benefits have been scientifically studied and proven to boost the immune system, repair free radical damage, and protect cells.


VIIVA has developed a comprehensive line of skin care which renews and beautifies the skin from start to finish. With six steps, these products not only cleanse the skin but help fight signs of aging as well.

What products are a part of VIIVA's Skin Care?

Revitalizing Youthful Serum Revitalizing Youthful Serum helps improve collagen production for healthy, radiant skin with its potent combination of ingredients, including NMN, human growth hormone, peptides, and pterostilbene.

Brightening HydroMask Our HydroMask uses VIIVA's Liposome Technology to brighten, hydrate, and plump your skin. It helps diminish fine lines by using targeted key nutrients.

Firming Eye Cream VIIVA Firming Eye Cream is a light gel cream specially designed for use on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Hydrating Pre Essence VIIVA Hydrating Pre Essence increases skin hydration with a fresh and light sensation. This formula utilizes saccharide isomerate to bring long-lasting moisturization. Centella extract helps relieve skin discomfort.

Foaming Cleanser VIIVA Foaming Cleanser utilizes an amino acid formula to gently remove skin impurities. Panthenol and centella extract combine in the formula to hydrate skin and relieve discomfort.

Renewing Ultimate Cream VIIVA Renewing Ultimate Cream, enriched with peptides and multiple plant extracts, is formulated to revive skin, increase skin elasticity, and nourish skin for both day and night.